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Author’s interview on “This Week in America” with Ric Bratton

Twice Blessed: First Century Christians in a Twenty-First Century World

If you have ever felt "stuck," or wondered why you "never seem to get anywhere," this book is for you! Or if you have tried self-help books, yoga videos, hobbies, self-improvement courses and you are still left with an uncomfortable feeling that your life is not all it should be, or an anxious feeling about the future you can't exactly name, there is a Christian explanation and cure for these things. If you feel the Bible is vague, hard to understand and condemning, there is a framework in which the whole Bible can be made clear. And there is a way to live a better life here and now, not just in the "hereafter!"

In Twice Blessed, Joseph pours his heart out to the reader so that you may be relieved of these burdens. Although written in simple everyday language, in reading it he hopes that everyone, both seekers, and serious Bible students are challenged and learn new insights and understandings.

I, Witness – By Joseph A McGee

I was a lone sinner, dying of cancer, and carrying the burden of guilt when Christ came to me. It was by His grace, and His grace alone, that He showed me mercy, and because I believed, He saved me.

Really, I am a very ordinary person, but God did an extraordinary thing for my salvation. This was my problem: I wanted to be a "better Christian." I wanted unshakable faith, like Daniel in the lion's den. However, I wasn't really able to do it. I tried to do it with my mind. I tried to do it by "works." I tried to do it with my will.

I was tripped up by my own efforts. I sat in the same church pew for nearly twenty years, said the same words every Sunday, and tried as hard as I could to believe them all. I gave to the offering, to charities, to capital campaigns, went to "work Saturdays," attended finance committee meetings, helped after church services to count the collections.

Then, I was diagnosed with cancer, stage four. To be completely honest, I was scared inside. "No! Not now! I'm not ready!" But I was ripe for testing. God doesn't wait until we feel ready. He sees all, we do not. God uses all things, even calamities and floods and wars for ultimate good. Everything in my life, my childhood, my sins, wrong turns, even cancer, has led me to be exactly the person I am now: a witness to the Risen Christ.

"I am a very ordinary person, but God did an extraordinary thing for my salvation"

Joseph A McGee

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