About the Author

Joseph A McGee

Hello and blessings.

I wrote this book because I was put onto a deep faith journey that culminated with an amazing waking vision with Yeshua Messiah (Jesus Christ-Yeshua is His name Hebrew, "Jesus" is Greek).

As stated on the back panel, I had stage four cancer, and was not prepared to face this death and all the suffering that likely goes with it. The mental part is probably worst. How do I talk to my wife about this? Am I supposed to cry, to be stoic? What do people do? Why is this happening to me now?

Then there was also unresolved guilt over things that I had done or said or been part of over a lifetime. Was I really forgiven? Is there really an afterlife? How can I be sure?

Cancer is just one of many crises us mortals go through.

People lose their jobs, lose businesses they have put their life savings into. Marriages break up. Spouses die or even children. How do we cope? How is it that a loving God does not keep these from happening? Why can't we ever be safe?

But, of course we are lucky. In other places, possession of a Bible can mean prison, torture or death.

Nevertheless, our crises are real and our pain and death are frightening. Hurricanes, riots, CoVid 19. How can we give meaning to all this?

The miraculous thing I discovered is that there is meaning and purpose and hope. Our hope in Christ is not in vain, and there are valuable lessons in these tests and trials we must go through. All of them are explained in the Bible when read with open, enlightened eyes. Unfortunately, Just as in John 9, sometimes the enlightened eyes are not with the people who we turn for help. Where is the help in telling a mother who lost her child and comes for understanding that "it is a mystery?"

A dear friend told me (now a year ago-publishing a book is a very daunting task for a beginner), that she thought I had been given a great gift. I think gifts of the spirit must be paid forward. I came home and wrote for two days, with only breaks for eating sleeping and walking, a rough draft. I completely believe the Holy Spirit helped me do this.

Therefore, I offer this to you. I hope it helps. Any money I make I plan to donate to the local emergency shelter. I pray it helps people.