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God is the Master!

People pray about their sufferings and about those of others, but they are confused if their prayer does not result in getting what they want. Many people miss the point. We are in a blind, un-spiritual world. We are in temporary houses of flesh. We paid nothing for them, we didn’t ask for them, we just received them as a gift, like the sunshine and the summer breeze. Like our mother’s milk.

God is the all-powerful, all-knowing Creator of the universe and everything in it. He sees all ends; we do not. We are here to fulfill His plan. Our plans are irrelevant. Faith in Him means accepting when our plans are swept aside for His greater plan.

So, we pray for Him to cure our cancer, but that isn’t necessarily always His plan. Remember, we came into this flesh naked and bloody and screaming and helpless. Nowadays we have medicine to ease our passing, but even so, many leave in the same way. As even Christ did on the cross.

But He did it for the love of us, and He did it to follow His Father’s plan, which was set from the foundation of the Earth. This fact is demonstrated in Genesis chapters fourteen and twenty-two; and stated clearly in Ephesians Chapter One, and Acts seventeen, John chapter one, and other places.  

And we should be aware, our suffering and death may also be a benefit to us individually, that is, the real us, which is spirit, not flesh. The body is just a tent, a temporary dwelling. To have faith is to understand that fact. Suffering perfects and refines us for the Kingdom of God, and death is the passage by which we exit this realm with all its evil and corruption and enter that better world.

Divine healing does take place, but it is never just to benefit the flesh; it is usually to show the power of God, as in the healings performed by Christ in the Bible. If it is God’s will to use me in this way, that is what will happen. But, if not, that is His will and plan for me. We walk in sorrow in this life, especially those most devoted to Him. Sometimes those deluded by Satan seem to have it much better, much easier, but in the end, they have already lost, and they will suffer the judgment. So, pray for them but do not envy them. And be happy for me, even if God never cures my cancer, because it was through cancer that I was brought to Him.

I would dearly love to have a few more years to be with you all, but I accept His decision if I do not, and I pray that everyone see this as a perfectly acceptable outcome, not as a punishment; and certainly not as unfair. God is good, He is just, and He is fair and most of all He loves us. We have rested in His gentle hands from the beginning, and he will not drop us, but will bring us gently and lovingly to Himself in the end. 


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Helen keen

After experienceing kidney removal and multiple days in the hospital I hear what you are saying. God is Good even when things look bad.

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