This morning I had a terrible thought. I am on the couch and my leg is burning like fire. I broke the ankle on Friday hiking in Red River Gorge and I have surgery Wednesday morning. I have been living a life that transcends my reality of being 74, having cancer, and all that goes with those things by being active and led by the Spirit. But, this morning I had this thought that perhaps I really am just a fool. A lot of people were put out by my doing things like climbing and hiking through trails that a 74-year-old is not necessarily advised to do. A whole team of mountain rescuers and three random hikers spent their day getting me and Kat down from there. Now Kat has to take me places because my right ankle is broken and I can't drive a car. So, I started thinking maybe I really am just a stupid old man and maybe everything I'm doing is foolish. And it brought tears to my eyes because so many people will be disappointed, and everything I have done will come to nothing.
Fortunately, Kat immediately said I should turn to God. She is an amazing person.
Immediately I found 1 Corinthians 1: 18- 31. God chose the foolish things of the world! 1 Corinthians 1: 27! We who walked by faith, do not perceive the same reality as the worldly materialists with their spiritual blindness. So, what appears stupid to them shines the light of the spirit like living water to us and reflects the light of Jesus Christ who lives in us to those who perceive it. I am a fool to the unspiritual and worldly people, who are perishing, but they are the ones who are missing out. For, He gives salvation to fools who believe and hope to the ones who trust in him. And they who trust in him will never be put to shame. Romans 9:33.
So, these despairing thoughts are not from God, they are confusion from the devil, because we “are” not stupid old men or silly or fools or any of that. We are spirits living in a body of flesh temporarily. We are meant to be empowered by the Holy Spirit and to be more, to do more, to have power beyond what other people expect. And we do, in proportion to our faith. We are not bulletproof, we cannot fly like Superman, but we will walk where angels fear to tread, and if needed, sacrifice anything for our God. It is this understanding that prevents us falling into despair and other traps from the devil.
Therefore, when we feel or think negative thoughts we should always look to God and to Christ for our help, and seek in the word for answers. They are available. And we can stay empowered in the Holy Spirit for anything. We can meet our challenges we just have to trust our Lord who is our help and not to be taken in by the devil's tricks.
This is just one of many things I trust will be learned through this blessing in disguise that comes first from trusting and second from seeing with eyes of spirit and not of flesh. And I hope to share them all with you who follow my posts. And if God permits, I will be climbing and rappelling by the spring and working at the shelter this winter. And if I have to, I will use Uber rides to go to the climbing gym as soon as I am released by the doctor. And if He calls me I will go as is His will, for He is sovereign in all things.
Blessings, love, peace, and may your hearts be filled and your cup overflowing with joy in the Holy Spirit as mine is!

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