God’s Glory

God’s Glory-A Note About the Kingdom

Last night I worked at the shelter where I have volunteered for the last four winters and summers. The evening began with a memorial remembrance for a young man who died of an overdose. He was under a bridge in the freezing cold, alone. He had overdosed himself several days in a row, and been rescued, but this time he chose to be where no one would rescue him. Those who were close to him said he was suffering from an inner pain that was too great to bear. And many of us, most all of us really, have been there. Nor was he lacking in knowledge of the Bible. A man can reach a point where he can take no more. I do believe there is a better way, but one has to have Yeshuah’sSpirit in his heart. The fact that a person cannot walk through that fire is not his fault. Nor does it negate his salvation. We who come to Christ through suffering all have broken places.

“Winning” is not within the province of mortal man, it is God’s sovereign choice. (Ro. 9:19-24). Even though we reach a point of “losing” in the eyes of mortals, who see only through the eyes of flesh, God can grant us the ultimate victory. His gaze penetrates to divide joints and marrow, soul and spirit, (Heb. 4:12,13); yet to save us in His Kingdom and raise us up at the last day by the power and mercy of Jesus Christ.

As for myself, I saw several people at the gathering behind the shelter who I love with a true heart and had not seen for a long time. People who are especially dear to me because I know their suffering and we have shared in our suffering, our hearts. I believe and have experienced it is suffering that binds us together as brothers and sisters in Christ. (Heb. 2:9-13) This is a tremendously beautiful part of the teaching we get from Christ and is explained by Paul, as Apostle of Christ. Although we writhe and moan and cry out in pain,  this is only the temporary response of flesh, as we grow and mature in the spirit. (Ro. 5:3-5). Through this process we grow and become richer and deeper in spirit than we could ever have imagined.

This morning, I thought of the reunion with some of my friends and I started listing in my mind people I have grown especially close to over the last four years. It is a long list. I was brought to tears of gratitude and thanking Elohim for all of them and for the opportunity He has bestowed on me.

And He taught me how sacrifice is a joy; forgiving others, a blessing; humbling myself an honor; challenges an opportunity; and loving people the world doesn’t love, God’s glory. The prince of the air has no dominion over the people of God or in their presence. Nor is the death of the body the last word for us.

Here is how I can be blessed despite having cancer (now two cancers) that I know chemists and doctors cannot cure. This is our victory-life is so rich that I see God’s glory in all of it; and death is not the end. Not for us, who were called to Him and heeded the call.

So, cry for those who refused the call, but do not cry for me. I will see the people the world rejected robed in silver and gold and purple, with crowns bejeweled with sapphires and emeraldsstanding next to Him in the Kingdom by the river of life. All is pure light, we are purified by the flame of the word; and every bitter thing is left behind in the mud from which our mortal bodies were constructed. Alleluia! We are the children of light, now set free. Amen.    

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That was very genuine . It moved me as I read. Thanks

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