Jennifer's Testimony

This is from Jennifer C., with her permission. Read the truth of the gospel. This is told with real power by the grace of the Holy Spirit!

From Jennifer:

I will say that my personal experience with God did not come from any person, church or reading the Bible. I was baptized in the river at 13 yrs old by choice. I believed my whole life but this was different. I did not know God's love in my heart and mind.

I prayed for years for God to help me and rescue me from an extremely painful and hopeless situation.

When I just began to pray for death because I had lost the will to live, God / Spirit came right to my heart and poured out His love on me like nothing I have ever experienced before.( 35 years later) I surrendered to His love right then.

That moment in time, I do not know the day or hour but I will never forget.

God didn't change my circumstance or the people who caused me hurt and pain, but He changed my heart.

I was emptied of my human will from the painful circumstances so that God filled me with His love and His Spirit. He alone took what the enemy meant for evil and turned it for good.

This was not the product of obeying God in the religious sense or theological sense.

It was not a choice I had made. It was by faith alone. I only prayed for years.

Soon after I surrendered my heart to God's beautiful kindness I was attacked on all sides in every way. I knew now that my faith in God would get me through. It did. It does not mean that my pain magically ended but now I had hope, peace and joy. I also lost fear.

I was rejected by many because of my outward love for God. I was made fun of and ridiculed by some of my family and friends. I walked away from my old life/lifestyle praising God the whole way. Lol

I have lost many things and people because I chose God over people in this life now but the one thing I gained is the most important thing in this entire universe! No one can ever take it away from me! Glory to God. I desire to do God's will and to live for Him.

Now I stand firm on the promises of God.(yes, I read the scriptures now) prayer and praise are our weapons. Thank you Jesus. I owe it all to Him. Praise the Lord.



Praise the lord amen hallelujah

sherry denice smith

Beautiful testimony (TGBTG)!!!!!!! I realize to be in Christ you or shall I say we must go through life of trails and tribulations and he gets the glory, if you (we) pass the test. Remember you (WE) must pass the test in order for him (JESUS) to get the glory. I am so thankful for and to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, because I (we) can do nothing without him and (YES) I (we) need him. I (we) can do all things through Christ which strengthens me (us) and nay, in all these these things we are more than conquerors through him that loved us. Thank God for loving the world that he gave his only begotten son (Jesus) that whosoever believe in him may not perish but may have life everlasting. I am a blessed (WOG), and I give the Lord (ALL) glory, honor, and praise. Thank you for such an awesome, great testimony that I am so grateful for, to help others on their personal journey with Christ.

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