Shame and Guilt

Shame and Guilt

Shame came about through man’s act of “eating the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil;” for, as soon as they ate, they saw they were naked, and they were ashamed. We previously noted that the Bible does not say they felt guilty because of their disobedience; rather, they were ashamed of their being, as are all God’s creatures, naked. This shame is poisonous to the spirit because it goes to what one is rather than to what one does. We can correct behavior; we can seek atonement and forgiveness; but we cannot on our own change what we are.


As Paul succinctly points out in Romans 3:20 and 5:13, we are not guilty of sin unless we have the law to tell us we are guilty; even though we know good from evil. For through the law, God judges all people guilty and the purpose is to make all of us aware of sin. “So that every mouth may be closed and all the world may be accountable to him.” Romans 3:19.

Rather, Paul points out that he would not have known the meaning of “covet” but for the law that says “thou shalt not covet.” See Romans 7:7-9. But as soon as he learned the law he realized that he was guilty; and sin which was dormant in him, sprang to life and he died. This description in Romans 7 deals with man struggling with sin and guilt.

From my own experience, I can tell you that guilt is a crushing burden. My guilt was so great it would have killed me before Christ appeared to me in a vision and bore my guilt on His cross. He showed me this and told me it is what he died to do. His love for me was so great that he gave himself to spare me.

In fact, I had carried my burden of guilt for so long that removing it left me feeling light as a feather for months. In the three years since, the awful weight has not returned. Amen.

The reason I write these writings is to share this vision with you, the ones who read to have your eyes opened. (Not the scoffers. I feel sorry for them.) But I know many carry burdens of guilt and shame.

Some are ashamed because they struggle with addiction or other illnesses. Some are guilty over harm they did to others. Some believe that the things over which they feel these feelings of shame and of guilt are so great that they cannot be forgiven. This idea that anyone cannot be forgiven is a lie from the devil!

For God all things are possible!

Even though it makes no sense, and we know we stand condemned; if you are able to humble yourself, cast away your pride and come to Christ on your hands and knees in true repentance, no matter who you are or what you did, you can still be saved! It is only pride that tells you not to do it. “What will I look like to others?” “What will my friends think?”

 And that mean old devil whispering in your ear that you are just a fool.

“But, God chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise” 1Corinthians 1:27

Therefore, be a fool! Let the fools scoff and mock. Where your crown of thorns proudly! Walk away from the dead and join the army of the living! Amen!

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