Speaking Out

I will speak openly because I have nothing to lose. I have two cancers, which are each considered terminal and I was just in the hospital with a near fatal illness- 2 surgeries, loss of 40% of my blood, septicemia, hypoxemia and severe pain. You can believe what you want, but I have no reason to lie to my readers.

Three years ago I saw Jesus Christ in a vision and he took my sins- some awful- and bore them on his cross. He spoke to me and told me this is what he died to do. I experienced firsthand His presence and His power to save. I have also experienced his Angels in our lives.

Recently, when my brain was too sick to think or read or pray because of the septicemia- it is still recovering- I received his help through his Angels who came and lifted me up and brought me through. The import is that my work here is not yet done. I have known for a long time that I live until his work is done, and if he takes me in suffering it is because I need more refinement due to my past sinfulness. Not punishment; I am forgiven. Rather, purification, because this is how we are purified. See Hebrews Ch. 2. But if He spares me that, it is His mercy on me because of obedience to him.

I was just reading acts 26, how that Paul obediently spoke out boldly to Agrippa and Festus in his chains before being sent off to Rome to stand before Caesar.

And so I speak to you my followers on line, and openly to anyone-- Jesus Christ is alive and present to save you; if you feel anything is lacking in your life you can come to him. If you suffer, he can help.

When you are saved, Angels come to you in time of need and also the Holy Spirit. The Angels lift you up and the spirit gives you courage. And if you should die in the flesh, Jesus Christ will be waiting with open arms to receive you and he will raise you up with a new body at the last day. John 6: 40. All of this is true and certain as I verily believe. I am a witness to what I saw and what I have experienced firsthand. This is not from a book, but is what I lived by God’s grace and by His grace alone. I am a sinner just like you. There is hope in Jesus and it is available to everyone right now. Prayer in earnest and complete surrender is the key to unlock the door. Most have to be in pain and desperation to do it. It’s ok. I you have made a mess of things it’s ok. If you are in prison, it’s ok. Many of my friends were saved in prison. All, all come to Him! Even if you can’t quit drinking yet, you can still come. The journey will be hard, but you are welcome. Even if your family and friends have disowned you, it’s ok! Jesus will not disown you! I will not disown you. This is God’s love for you! Amen!

Like I said, I have no reason to lie or deceive anyone this is my own personal experience these things happened to me. You can believe what you want.

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I, Witness

My point in writing this is that at some point our tests are severe and we must work to deepen our faith. It doesn’t just happen automatically.

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