The Man Born Blind

If I in my foolishness were ever to write another book, I would start with John 9 and the man born blind. Not just the fact that it portends salvation ( I once was blind but now I see), but it also goes much deeper and really cuts to the chase in the struggle between the worldly leaders and Yeshua (Jesus).
For, the Torah was given to the Israelites by God, to make them a holy and spiritual people, but in the late Second Temple period, there were some real problems. In Mark 7, one is set forth as just one example, being the practice of Corban. That is, when a man’s children were grown, he would declare all his excess Corban, dedicated to the priesthood and the temple, leaving nothing to support his aging parents or for the poor. Thus, the practice was a form of theft, stealing that which was meant for support to those unable to support themselves
and making the priests rich.
John 9 reminds us in a vivid way that those who are worldly cannot see spiritually. This is why you cannot serve God and mammon. See also 1 Cor. 2. The worldly cannot understand the things of God. God is spirit. John 4:24, etc. This goes double for worldly men who claim to speak for God. John 9:40-41.
Beware of those who claim to speak for God. In my life and my journey I have found that even though I do not and never did make such claims, there are daily temptations. It is one reason I dedicate money from my book to the homeless. Because if I took it for myself, I would be on the path to worldliness. That is the road to Sin and Death! It is jammed from here to its end and people are in line to climb on. I pray that God in His mercy deliver me from evil temptations! Do not let pride enter my thoughts! I would rather die instantly than fall victim to these evils!
The man born blind is persecuted for speaking truth to power. But he comes out ok in the end by putting his faith in Jesus! Doesn’t this parallel our lives today? Isn’t it great that by God’s grace we can go to Jesus in confidence that He will always be there for those who serve by doing His will, and not man’s. For if you do man’s will, you will not be persecuted, but if you do God’s will you may be persecuted.
So, I pray for everyone that we do only God’s will, as revealed to each one by the Holy Spirit-and that we all stand fast clinging to Jesus in the face of human persecution like the Man Born Blind! Amen!

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