We Are Blessed Be Happy

Okay. I understand the country, and God’s people, and the rest, are going through a crisis. Evil, at best, is ahead on points right now. We have to be serious about that. We have, through the power of the Holy Spirit found a prayer army to pray for America. And we have to keep that going. Amen.

But, we can’t turn our backs on who we are.

Let me say it again. We can’t turn our backs on who we are.

We are the body of Jesus Christ on earth.

Read, or reread Romans chapters 12-15. These chapters were included to explain Christian life to new Christians, but they are the fundamentals of how we are to BE.

Do we react constantly to worldly events and politics and news? Is that biblical? (I ask these questions rhetorically, because some of my friends are so wound up in this.)

Are we angry? Are we terrified? We are to be peaceful, humble, kind, prayerful.

If we oppose something and believe it is from the devil, we pray about it. If someone offends us, we forgive them.

If a brother or sister sins, we exhort them to see their error and pray for them.

We owe no one anything but the duty of love. Romans 13:1. Does love harm anybody? No. We don’t need rules to tell us not to hurt our loved ones. See Romans 13, whole chapter. But, at all times remember the gifts we’ve been given!

Jesus Christ gave his precious blood for us to free us from sin, guilt, punishment and the awful burdens of shame and all of the other things we carry on our hearts. He carried them on his cross so that our hearts would be free. He showed this to me in a vision, but it is also for you! He took the “weight of the world” on his cross because he could! It’s what he died to do!

Therefore, the kingdom of God is not about [worldly matters]; it is about a righteousness that is a free gift (see Romans chapters 3-4). It is also about joy! And peace in the Holy Spirit (Romans 14:17). Therefore, be filled with peace; show peace to all people with whom you have contact in your daily lives. See John 14:27; Romans 5:1.

And so, rejoice, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand. See 2 Corinthians 6:2-10.

So, I write these things boldly, but I want to focus attention on the glory we have today, in the Lord Jesus Christ. We have to life eternal now. See John 5:24. We are blessed above all people ever, and we should be happy in the knowledge we did nothing to be given a life in this world. It was a free gift. We did not nothing to deserve the gift of Christ’s blood to save us from the consequences of our own mistakes. It was a free gift. We didn’t earn it we didn’t deserve it. We just received it. What’s not to be happy about?


Till next time; wishing you peace, joy, blessing, hope and love in Christ Jesus, our Lord!

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