What About Suffering

We agree life can’t just be flowers and cookies and unicorns. We come into this world naked, bloody and screaming and many leave it the same way. In between are heartbreaking losses, cruelties, diseases, wars, disasters and plagues.

But, we have Christ; we have the Holy Spirit.

We paid nothing to get a body we could use here. It was a free gift. It contained a brain to think and a heart to love and all the tools we need. We did nothing to earn Christ’s blood to save us from our foolishness. It was a free gift.

So, suffering goes with this life. Whatever kind of suffering happens, is part of the free ride. It also ends and for us who are faithful believers the future is always bright - we just have to get through the night.

Yes, we know it’s not always pleasant and we can cry out in pain because we are human. We can be afraid, but it is momentarily if we remember the truth of who we are and who we serve.

My doctor told me now I have 2 kinds of cancer. I’ve been reading up on my new one, multiple myeloma. Looks painful. Treatments also. But I’m cool. I go to the shelter and serve. I read and write and take walks with Kat. I try to calm my friends like the one who was terrified about the future.

After all, this life in flesh was always meant to be temporary. The better one is still to come. And at the last day, He has promised to raise all those who believe in Him.

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richard bennett

“After all, this life in flesh was always meant to be temporary.”

the time of our own lives in the inarguable eternity before and eternity after is too profound a juxtaposition for us to understand, and very few can approach it without a sense of fear and awe

we MUST care for the fate, benefit, and especially suffering of all beings when we cross this line of our own existence. our embodiment and concerns are no more, and all that exists is “other”

the “other” then for eternity is the sole thing of importance and the only thing real, and praying for God’s mercy on us and all beings is our only comfort and refuge

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