Pray for America Explained

We have had a growing awareness of satanic practices and dark rituals. We have an increasing perception of people kneeling to pagan gods. We have heard of black-market sales of blood from aborted babies. We know there are dark rituals of animal sacrifice going on in America. Is there also human sacrifice? Potentially.

All this is being used to empower evil people, liars and corruption; to bring towns and villages under Satan; to control institutions; to spread communism; to deny our history and replace it with lies; and many other evil things and practices.

Therefore, we are recruiting an army of a thousand Christians to pray against these things; to pray against Satan to pray against the demonic forces and against the growing evil under which America seems to be falling. If you will join please join us in saying this prayer every day for 30 days. We pray to save America for God will not save unless there is repentance. We pray for a new awakening, new revival, and a new coming to Christ.

Blessings and thanks to all who participate.