Prayer to Heal our Land

God our Heavenly Father, we turn to you in times of trial because you are all-powerful, and you know your people. You know our hearts, because your gaze is sharper than any two-edged sword, and pierces to separate soul from spirit, joints from marrow. You know your people, and you hear us who praise you by day and by night.

We know that you are sovereign over all things and that you can do everything you say; and that your promises are from everlasting to everlasting. In this time we turn to you for mercy for our land, and for your people.

We see a dark spirit sweeping across our land. We see people under the sway of this dark force infiltrating into our institutions, our government, even our houses of worship. We hear endless lies and deceptions and slander from the mouths of people held in thrall by the dark forces and the powers of the world and the prince of the air. We pray that in your mercy you would rid this land of the evil. We pray for a great awakening in our land and especially in your church. We pray in this time that people are turning to you. That people accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior in numbers never seen before. We pray for repentance. We pray for healing. We pray for revival.

Father, we are also witnessing things so horrible that it is almost impossible to mention them in your presence. The murder of infants and children, the sale of human body parts, desecration of human corpses, torture and murder of people whose only crime is believing in you, use of animals in dark rituals; and even the sacrifice of living children and babies. We see gross misuse of sexuality to pervert and destroy what is left of the human spirit in people who are not completely devoted to you, in order to prevent them from being saved. We see the rise of incredible amounts of addiction and alcoholism being used to destroy people in order to prevent them from coming to you, or to take away people who would be yours. We see people engineering germs to spread plagues to kill vast numbers of people intentionally. We see servants of the devil dressed in black beating and destroying and killing and burning and looting and raping in order to force your people to be silent. We see people frightened, intimidated, and silenced.

We pray that witchcraft, sorcery, occultism, worship of the devil, and all other dark practices be banned and pushed out of the land of your people. We pray that our children be protected from these evil forces and evil ideas and evil temptations. And we pray for our children that they be strengthened and brought to faith as never before; that they be protected and shielded until they are fully armed for the struggles ahead.

Lord, you have given us the keys to the kingdom. Based on the authority that you have given us we bind any and all demonic strongholds affecting our leaders and those in power in Jesus name. Loose your warring angels in the fight. We pray that the enemy be confused and turn on one another. We pray that their lines of communication be broken. We pray that the captives be set free and come to faith. Lord we pray that you scourge this world of human trafficking, human sacrifice, and cannibalism. Lord, make the outcry and outrage in this land be so great that these ritual practices will be driven from the land and the people will come to faith when they see the degree of evil that has been taking place at the hands of the elite and powerful.

Lord, we trample on the snakes and scorpions and the powers of darkness and no harm shall come to your people. Based on the authority you’ve given us we pray that you rid this land of every demonic stronghold and spirit of hell that now afflicts the world. Lord, we bind them by the power of the Spirit; and rebuke them in your holy name; and we send them to the abyss where you would have them to go Lord. Holy Spirit, we ask that you fill this land with the spirit of wisdom, the spirit of the Lord, the spirit of understanding, the spirit of counsel, the spirit of might, the spirit of knowledge, and the fear of the Lord in Yeshua’s name.

We pray for protection for our leaders, especially our president, our pastors, families, fellow believers, children, and those without a voice. We pray for the poor, the homeless, the people without a mother or father, the sick, we even pray for animals being sacrificed in dark assemblies for the devil. We pray that repentance breaks out in the land with the hope that you will heal our land and restore us with a righteous spirit.

We have seen the formation of an evil cabal, composed of extremely wealthy, powerful, elitist, people and global oligarchs, who we now see as servants of the dark forces and powers of the world. We have seen them gaining sway and power over vast areas. And we have seen them infiltrating and gaining power in our own institutions, in our government, in our schools, even in our houses of worship. They flourish by lying, deceiving, and using their money and their power to increase their influence over all aspects of life. Now, they seek to use means of technology, control of communication and news, control of important government figures, to deceive, tempt, and pervert your people and their children and their institutions.

We pray for widespread acceptance of the reality of Jesus Christ and his hand of salvation and the power of the blood that was shed. We pray that people bend the knee at the foot of the cross and accept him and submit to him and surrender their lives to him. We pray to expose the cabal and the role of satanic practice and witchcraft, which has allowed it to flourish and particularly against the globalists, and the oligarchs of the evil cabal, and their dark assemblies.

We pray for exposure of all lies and that all lies be stopped up in the throats of those who lie. We pray that the politicians, the leaders, and the evil stewards, who are liars and who are frauds be exposed. We pray that all people see them in the true light. We pray that all corruption be revealed. We pray that all their evil be exposed to the light of Christ and that they be shown for what they are.

We have seen the banishment of all mention of you in the public forum. We have seen desecration and tearing down of crosses and monuments and commemorations. We have seen the desecration of headstones and graves. We have seen the promotion of profanity, vulgarity and demonic symbols painted across buildings, churches, synagogues, gravestones, and public places. We have seen the perversion of Scripture and blasphemy and all manner of evil spoken against you and those who follow you and those who believe in you.

God we pray that these evil people be stopped in what they are doing. We pray for pause, and that you gather your people and those who are becoming your people and empower us with the Holy Spirit. We pray that you pour out your Spirit upon us and upon our land. We pray that you teach us and lead us and show us all things. We pray that you infuse us with power, and strength, courage, and wisdom. Most of all, we pray that you increase the power of love in our land. We pray that the hate and division and the spirits of dissension and division be diminished so that the power of love and kindness and mercy and forgiveness can be increased and flourish.

We pray that you restore the spirit of the pioneers and our forefathers. For they came to this land in faith, in hope, and seeking a place where they could be a holy people for you. And, you created a hedge of protection around this land. But because so many forgot the reasons we were here, you have allowed the hedge to be breached. We pray that it be restored. We pray for a great revival and a great awakening throughout the land and throughout our country.

God, we know that you are powerful beyond anything that we can understand. We know that you see ends that we cannot see. We know that you know the past and the future as well as we know the present. We know that you are able to do all things. It is to you, and only to you that we turn in time of trouble. The things that we are seeing and the things that we are experiencing are terrifying. But we know that with the Holy Spirit we can withstand any evil. We pray for you to strengthen us, to bolster our courage, to make a stand when we cannot stand. We pray for your mighty hand to intervene, for when you are with us no one can be against us. We pray that you empower us with your full armor. We pray that you empower us with faith, hope, and with the word of the Holy Scripture. We pray that you send us out even as sheep among wolves. Empower us to speak the truth of your word to the unbelievers, and the servants of the devil. We pray that you protect us from temptation, evil, dark powers, and the instruments of the devil.

God Most High:

We know that all these things are possible only for you. We know that where we join our forces in prayer, that our Great High Priest Forever, Yeshua haMeshiach, Jesus the Messiah, intercedes on our behalf; and it is in His name that we ask--who shed His blood for us; who sacrificed Himself for us on the cross; even your own beloved Son, in His name we ask. Amen.